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Silk Fibroin

Silk fibroin is a naturally derived protein polymer isolated from domestic silkworm cocoons that possesses unique properties that meet requirements for tissue engineering and drug delivery applications. The unique secondary and crystal structures of silk biomaterials confer them desirable biodegradability, biocompatibility, biosafety, stabilization and tunable release of the incorporated drugs, and all-aqueous, ambient processing options. Silk suture threads have been safely utilized in clinics for many years, and medical devices made from solubilized silk fibroin have also been approved by the US FDA recently. Silk fibroin as an emerging biodegradable material with distinguished features is attracting more and more attention from academia institutes as well as medical device and pharmaceutical industries.



Simatech Inc. is a biotech company focusing on manufacturing silk fibroin biomaterials and developing state-of-the-art techniques for a variety of biomedical applications, including orthopedic surgery, plastic surgery, 3D bio-printing, drug delivery, and cosmetics. The company was established in 2013 and is located in the industrial park of Suzhou, China. Thanks to its young and fast-growing research and development team (more than 80% master and PhD level scientists), Simatech has made tremendous progress in these few years, and made close collaborative relationship with domestic and international partners. Simatech will continue using silk biomaterial as a tool to overcome diseases and improve the quality of life.


We can provide various silk fibroin materials, including raw materials such as degummed silk, silk fibroin solution and soluble lyophilized silk, customized products according to your requirements such as silk fibroin films with varous mechanical strength, injectable hydrogel and nano- and microsphere, as well as fouctionalized products for specific applications such as anti-oxidants encapsulated films and invisible and peelable silk fibroin films for cosmetics.


Technology And Collaboration

Simatech Inc. is eager to provide high quality, standard or customized silk fibroin biomaterial products as well as related services and technical supports for different customers, including the researchers and students in the universities and research institutes, and the scientists in companies. Simatech is willing to collaborate with other companies and research institutes to develop new medical devices, drug delivery systems, diagnostic techniques or other non-medical products by sharing its facilities and expertise on silk biomaterials. Please contact us with your suggestions/comments without any hesitates. 

Our Philosophy

We have always been devoting ourselves to providing high quality silk fibroin-based products for customers, and focusing on the development and application of new technologies together with our collaborating parteners.


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